Global Funding + Partnership Community

by Connective Impact

A fundraising hub for international nonprofits and
social impact businesses.

As a fundraiser, your work is essential to the future of your organization and directly impacts peoples' lives.



Supporting international development and social enterprise professionals working in fundraising, grants, business development, corporate social responsibility, and partnerships.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a special focus on the following sectors:

Take a Quick Peek Inside!


The cornerstone of the Global Funding & Partnership Community is the funding portal.

By joining you’ll receive access to international development funding announcements ranging from $100,000 to $5 million and from large funders such as the Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and USAID to lesser known foundation, private and innovation funders.

In addition to the funding opportunities posted, you’ll also receive access to:

  • Real-time donor intelligence giving your organization a competitive edge for funding and reducing the time spent searching across funding boards. 
  • Monthly donor Q&A calls, increasing transparency in the philanthropy sector and allowing you to better understand and respond to real-time donor priorities. 
  • A discrete space to engage with peers and explore partnership opportunities through the membership directory, quarterly meet-ups, as well as a feed to ask questions, ideate, and post ideas for consideration and action.
  • Interactive and timely workshops allowing for knowledge share and networking.

Facilitated by Joanne Sonenshine

CEO of Connective Impact, Joanne Sonenshine, has more than 15 years of experience partnering with global organizations as a partnerships and fundraising adviser. Her network spans Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, United States and across international development priority topic areas. As a conduit and connector, with the unique ability to translate development “speak” into business “speak,” Joanne is bringing her best resources, connections, and lessons learned to the Global Funding + Partnerships Community.


Upcoming Events 

Donor Q&A: Hear about MacArthur Foundation's plans for the rest of 2021. Call will be recorded for members.

Donor Q&A: Hear about Open Road Alliance's unique approach to funding both nonprofits and social businesses.

Join this dynamic workshop with representatives from Millennium Challenge Corporation and Development Finance Corporation, both to understand how best to work with them, and best practices in engagement. Register here for FREE!

Join the head of public-private partnerships within USAID Brazil to discuss how mission funded is directed, how priorities are set and what types of programs are given priority to missions for development and execution.

"Connective Impact’s Funding + Partnership Community has been a great resource to find and learn about new donors. The community has also provided regular opportunities to network virtually with others in similar partnership development roles – invaluable in light of the current COVID restrictions."

Angela Kirkman
Senior Director Partnerships, WildAid

"Joanne has created a great community of social impact leaders who serve as supportive peers in the fundraising space. She is very knowledgeable and has a knack for helping connect the dots to funding resources for her clients. Appreciate her thoughtfulness and commitment to aligning organizations with the funding they need to achieve their mission."

Rahama Wright
CEO, Shea Yeleen

"Corus has been introduced to a diverse group of organizations with common goals of affecting positive social change. This community helps us break out of silos and keep track of funding opportunities aligning with our mission. Membership also offers the unique opportunity to hear directly from donors or philanthropists about grantmaking strategies and partnership principles so we can better prioritize our fundraising efforts. Joanne Sonenshine is a master communicator, facilitator, and gifted strategist and optimist who is always thinking of new ways to address organizational challenges through innovative partnerships."

Holli Jordan
Senior Manager, Corus International

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